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We've added centimeter support for our international friends. There are also some direct references to Cat Bordhi's book for your convenience. We find Cat's average size foot chart (p.118) very helpful in case you are in a hurry to get started, but the foot you need is not close by! There are also some small visual changes, and minor bug fixes. We're really excited about all the improvements, and bringing you the best Sokompanion so far!

Welcome to the new home of Sokompanion on the web. We've partnered with Cat Bordhi to bring the first companion app to one of her books, New Pathways for Sock Knitters, Book One


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Response 1

The review left by TinkerKnits
Review text
First, we recommend owning and reading the book before purchasing the app, in order to understand the Master Numbers process

On page 110 of her book, Cat specifies that she used whole and half numbers. In the case of quarter measurements, you would decide if you want to round up or down to the nearest whole and half number. In the Master Numbers process then, a 9.25 measurement could be rounded to a 9 or 9.5, depending on the fit you prefer. We've always preferred to round up.

Response 2

Oh sorry, we thought TinkerKnits had left another Sokompanion review...
Review text

Response 3

Reading the in-app how-to guide may alleviate confusion
Review text

Step 1 - Fill in numbers for a, b, and c, press equal sign

Step 2 - Fill in RPI, press equal sign. The RPI is important and is explained in the book and is a separate calculation to ensure the best fit/pattern possible. After filling in numbers and pressing both equal signs, you will have all your measurements

Step 3 - As explained in the book, the "J" measurement is an extra option for those with special heel needs. If you do not have a special heel measurement, you can skip this equal sign

Response 4

Review text
This app is designed to provide Master Numbers system results with a built-in 10% negative ease for a good sock fit, exactly as the tables in the book provide

However, we want to highlight this review because it suggests a good question. Can you save your own master numbers you have developed in the Sokompanion app? The answer is yes!

You can save those patterns by creating a new pattern in the app, and entering each of the numbers from the pattern you are moving

If those numbers have been personalized to give slightly different values than what the Master Numbers system would do, only enter the numbers and save, do not press the equal buttons

In this way, you can preserve and save modified patterns that you want to bring with your other Master Numbers system patterns

Perhaps a special naming scheme, or some other method could be done to help designate the differing patterns. Thank you, to this reviewer. Other people may have had the same issue, and this gave us the chance to answer it for those other people too

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